February 28 - March 1, 2013
Montreal, Canada

Windows Azure fundamentals for developers

In this session, we’ll take a grand tour of Windows Azure from a developer’s point of view so that you get a good basic understanding of the different parts offered by the platform. No previous experience with Cloud computing or Azure is required. Also note that Azure is not just for .NET, you can also use Java, PHP, Python and Node.js

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Guy Barrette

Guy Barrette

Guy Barrette is a freelance Architect/Developer based in Montreal, Canada and is a Azure MVP and a Microsoft Regional Director. He has been working and developing with Microsoft development tools since the launch of VB 3 in 1994. His focus is helping organizations build better software using Microsoft technologies. He's been a speaker at developers' conferences like Microsoft TechDays and DevTeach. Guy is the Visual Studio Talk Show podcast co-host and co-lead the Montreal Azure User Group.

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