February 28 - March 1, 2013
Montreal, Canada

The Java EE 7 Platform: Simplification & HTML5

This talk introduces the Java EE 7 platform, the latest revision of the Java platform for the enterprise. It adds new APIs such as the REST client API in JAX-RS 2.0 and the long awaited Batch Processing API. Expression Language 3.0 and Java Message Service 2.0 will under go extreme makeover. HTML 5 and Web Sockets will be embraced as well.

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Arun Gupta


Arun Gupta is a Java evangelist at Oracle. In his current role, he works to create and foster the community around Java EE and GlassFish. He has been with the Java EE team since its inception and contributed to all releases. Arun has extensive world wide speaking experience on myriad of topics and loves to engage with the community, customers, partners, and and Java User Groups everywhere to spread the goodness of Java.

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