February 28 - March 1, 2013
Montreal, Canada

Frontend Performance: Thinking in Milliseconds

Web performance is no longer measured in seconds. Developers awareness needs to be raised on the importance of speed. My talk on frontend performance will cover tools, techniques, and tips developers can implement the moment they leave the room. Everything from code optimization to server side improvements will be covered.

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Toni Gemayel


Growth Hacker. Former VC Analyst. Entrepreneur. Biz Dev. 22 years old. Working on @AlbumJacket, @GetBanyan & @Fonadu. Winner of @thegigcity competition judged by IBM, Alcatel Lucent, Mozilla and more. I also run a software consultancy called Two Giraffes where I have built some of the largest Wordpress sites on the web for 150+ clients worldwide. I am a mentor at the Founders Institute.

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