February 28 - March 1, 2013
Montreal, Canada

Fluid Android Layouts

How do you design an Android app that adapts to the multitude of device sizes? In this talk, the presenter will show the design process she used while collaborating with a freelance designer to create Monkey Write. The design goal: To produce a single-device design while keeping an eye on elements that need to be fluid.

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Chiu-Ki Chan

Square Island LLC

Chiu-Ki flows between both web and mobile development. At Google, she worked on the javascript frontend for Book Search, and the native Android client for Google Mobile Maps. Afterwards, she went to two different web startups, one with Django the other with Ruby on Rails, both using jquery to build interactive websites. Now she’s once again back to mobile, producing her own apps. The first title is Monkey Write, an app for learning Chinese writing.

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