February 28 - March 1, 2013
Montreal, Canada

Exploring PostgreSQL Datatypes

PostgresSQL contains a very rich set of datatypes, richer than most other databases. Some are built into the core PostgreSQL, some are available as easy to install extensions. This means that if you choose and use the correct datatype, you get lots of additional functionality in your system, completely for free.

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Magnus Hagander

Redpill Linpro

Magnus Hagander is a member of the PostgreSQL Core Team and a developer and code committer in the PostgreSQL Global Development Group.

He mostly works on different parts of the PostgreSQL backend, recently with a focus on security features such as authentication and encryption, and backup/availability.

To pay the bills, he is an open source software consultant, primarily on PostgreSQL and Varnish at Redpill Linpro in Stockholm, Sweden, where he works with consulting, support and training.

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