February 29 - March 2, 2012
Montreal, Canada

Virtualize your Development

Maintaining a consistent development environment is hard—especially for
junior developers and designers with no interest in system administration.

In this talk, I'll show you how my team develops locally, in VPN (Virtual
Private Network) connected Virtual Machines, and how we make a team distributed in 5 cities feel a little like we're all working in the same

We'll touch on VirtualBox, Puppet, Vagrant, dpkg/APT, Amazon AWS (EC2, especially), IRC, HTTP Proxies, and lots of other fun tech.

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Sean Coates

Fictive Kin

Sean Coates has worked on the Web for almost two decades. He has managed teams of developers, developed payment code that processed over $1M per day, and works with Fictive Kin (https://fictivekin.com/) on web products.

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