February 29 - March 2, 2012
Montreal, Canada

Learn to use and develop with jQuery-UI

jQuery is known to many developers. It is an extremely compact yet very
powerful JavaScript library which facilitates our daily work.

jQuery focusses on essentials which results in its small size. You do not find
unnecessary animations, widgets or rarely needed features. But what can you do
if you actually need all these things? Write them yourself? Install from
different plugins?

The correct answer is jQuery-UI. jQuery-UI is a collection of additional
effects, features and widgets based on the jQuery library ready to be
used. But there is even more to it. The components are based on a framework
which facilitates the creation of widgets.

Get to know jQuery-UI in this session! Get an overview of the features and
widgets which are at your disposal without much effort. Learn furthermore how
to create your own widgets conveniently with the jQuery-UI framework which
obeys your every word.

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Jakob Westhoff

Qafoo GmbH

Jakob Westhoff is an active PHP developer for more than nine years. He is a freelancing webdeveloper and author. His personal interests mainly lie within the development of interactive Web2.0-applications as well as JavaScript-frameworks. He is Co-Founder and regular member of the PHP usergroup Dortmund. In his freetime he is a contributer to numerous open source projects. Jakob is about to finish his information science studies at the TU Dortmund.

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