February 29 - March 2, 2012
Montreal, Canada

JRuby: A New Way to Run Ruby

You probably know Ruby. You may even know about JRuby. But do you know why JRuby should interest you, or how it can make your life as a Ruby developer a happy one?

In this talk, Charles Oliver Nutter, co-lead of the JRuby project, presents all the reasons why you should try JRuby for your next Ruby project. We'll explore the wonder that is the JVM, play with tools built for Java that now work great with Ruby, and cover the long list of features that make JRuby a standout Ruby implementation as well as a standout JVM language. Most of all, we'll have fun!

Whether you're a Rubyist or not, you'll learn something new...and maybe become the newest JRubyist on the block.

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Charles Nutter

Charles Oliver Nutter has been a professional developer for twenty years and building tools and applications on the JVM for fifteen years. He has worked on the JRuby project fulltime since 2006, and hopes his efforts will help the JVM remain the best runtime for new programming languages. Charles blogs at http://blog.headius.com.

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