February 29 - March 2, 2012
Montreal, Canada

Extending Vega to Secure your Web App and More

Vega is a cross-platform, open-source toolkit for testing the security of web applications, developed by Montreal-based Subgraph. Vega includes an automated vulnerability scanner and an intercepting proxy. The Vega vulnerability checks are implemented as Javascript modules. While Vega comes with a set of modules comprising the standard checks, a rich API makes it possible to extend the functionality of Vega. In this talk we will explain how some of the standard modules work, and then introduce the API for the development of new ones.

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David Mirza


David is a founder of Subgraph, an open source security startup based in Montreal. Subgraph develops Vega, a free and open source web security testing platform. Previously David was one of the founders of SecurityFocus, where he moderated Bugtraq, a forum for security research with over 50,000 members at its peak. David has spoken at OSCON, FISL, Con Foo, Black Hat, CanSec West, and AusCERT, as well as made contributions to books, magazines, and other publications.

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