March 10-12, 2010
Montreal, Canada

Symfony Components: What's in for you?

Every month, the PHP developer toolbox gets better thanks to the PHP classes provided by ezComponents and the Zend Framework. Back in May 2009, the Symfony project announced yet another library of PHP classes: the "Symfony Components". In this session, I will give a quick overview of the components that you won't find elsewhere, how you can use them within your next project, and what's planned for the future. I will also highlight the benefits they can provide in a Zend Framework project.

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Fabien Potencier


Fabien Potencier discovered the Web in 1994, at a time when connecting to the
Internet was still associated with the harmful strident sounds of a modem.
Being a developer by passion, he started to build websites with PHP5 in 2004
and created the symfony framework to help his company leverage the
power of PHP for its customers.

Fabien is also the creator of other Open-Source projects, a writer, a blogger,
a speaker at international conferences, and a happy father of two wonderful

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