March 10-12, 2010
Montreal, Canada

Scalable Web Applications for the Cloud

Cloud computing had a huge impact on the way web applications are built and deployed today. Services like Amazon EC2 and RackSpace's Cloud give us flexibility we could never have dreamed of just 5 years ago.

However, most applications deployed to the Cloud do not take advantage of this because they are architected using old methodologies that are not optimal for the cloud.

During this session, I will explain new ways architecting your application to make it faster, scalable, fault-tolerant and easy to deploy. I will also present war stories encountered at Defensio over the last couple of years.

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Carl Mercier

Defensio (Websense Inc)

Carl Mercier is a serial technology entrepreneur and developer from Montreal, Canada. His latest venture, Defensio, has attracted significant interest from worldwide blogger and developer communities and has exhibited superior filtering performance. Defensio was acquired by Websense Inc., a publicly-traded company in January 2009. Carl is now director of software development at Websense. Carl also founded Montreal on Rails, a developer community group that brings together local Ruby on Rails enthusiasts for monthly gatherings. Prior to founding Defensio, Carl started Adonis Technologies, a company that built advanced management software for the tourism & recreation industry. It was acquired in 2006. Carl holds degrees in business management and sound engineering. He also pretends to be able to beat just about anyone at poker.

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