March 10-12, 2010
Montreal, Canada

Kicking asses with asynchronous processing

Scaling a web application is hard! But it doesn't require as much resources as you think.

This talk will explain how to build parts of a web application using asynchronous processing. Reddit, and other high traffic websites, started moving to an asynchronous infrastructure to sustain its growth without buying more machines. Forget about threads for concurrency in your web application, event-driven I/O is the way to go for extremely high scalability, performance and stability.

I'll explain the concepts and implementation while coding an application live in Ruby using EventMachine (

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Marc-André Cournoyer


I’m a father, snowboarder & coder from Montréal, QC.

I'm currently bootstraping my own startup, Talker, a revolutionary group chat app. I coded tinyrb, Thin, & other stuff, mostly in Ruby.

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