March 10-12, 2010
Montreal, Canada

Creating Object-Oriented PHP Extensions

In this session, we will discuss how to build custom PHP extensions for Zend Engine 2.2.0 (PHP 5.2.x) and Zend Engine 2.3.0 (PHP 5.3.x) with emphasis on how to create objects, register class constants, object properties, inheritance, interface implementation, visibility etc.

The beginning part will introduce the PHP request life cycle and the anatomy of a $variable then we will proceed to the more advance stuff.

Having some background knowledge of the anatomy of a PHP request life cycle and a PHP extension can help a PHP developer in understanding certain issues that arise during installation or use of a PHP extension or even the php language itself.

The presentation will also cover why a developer may want to create a PHP extension and what performance benefits are possible from writing the code in straight C instead of vanilla PHP.

We will then move into a tutorial format were we create some simple example php extensions to illustrate the items that have been covered.

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Israel Ekpo

Bonnier Corporation

Israel Ekpo is a senior software engineer and technical lead with Bonnier Corporation, a major publishing organization with offices in the US, headquarters in Stockholm and operations in over 20 countries. Israel holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science from Florida Atlantic University and has over 9 years of professional software development experience. He is the author of the Solr PHP extension at PECL as well as the popular phpPaypalPro framework at Sourceforge. He resides in Orlando, Florida with his wife and son. His interests include music, soccer, cooking, data mining, information retrieval, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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